Fave Five Friday

Fave Five

Places I’ve Travelled…

#1 Lake Tekapo in New Zealand…actually, I loved everywhere I went in NZ, both north and south island. Spectacular county side and the most beautiful people.

#2 South Pacific Islands…so relaxing, so beautiful. Each island offered something different, but equally beautiful. Love cruising, such a relaxing way to travel.

#3 London…I felt more at home in London than I do my own lounge room. The architecture, the history, the country side. It’s breathtaking.

#4 New York…it’s no lie, the city has a heart beat. Never have I felt so alive as I did in NYC…opportunity oozes from the cracks in the pavement. NYC offers so many hidden treasures I couldn’t get enough of.

#5 Melbourne…the artsy atmosphere of Melbourne reminds me of a little London, only bigger. Having travelled most of the Victorian state over many visits, Melbourne is my go to place if I need to escape and reconnect with my creative side. Southbank is my favourite coffee strip, and the shopping is awesome. Last trip I travelled The Great Ocean Road…what a spectacular country I’m privileged to live in!

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Stay tuned for more of my fave five’s on Friday.

❤ Renee Snow ❄️


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