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I’m super excited to share with you Valerian’s story…Dark Angel: Book One to the Dreamweaver Series…

Valerian thought her mission was to help others—but what if her presence is the cause of their suffering?

An evil force hunts her. Destruction threatens her every step. And Valerian doesn’t know why.

She must uncover a secret in her past that lies at the heart of the doom.

With the help of four sexy shifters, the hunted becomes the hunter, as Valerian discovers the force she was meant to be.

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Happy reading!

Renee Snow ❄️


Writing Prompt Wednesday

Caution WPW

For those of you that don’t know, I teach the youth writing program at the KSP Writers’ Centre. The most useful piece of advice I offer my students when I present them with a writing prompt is for them to look through the prompt, to see it for what it could be rather than for what it is…

Caution: Is this prompt merely a stimulus for a story about an abandoned building? or are there other situation in which your characters might proceed with caution?

Forbidden love…where the union of two may destroy many of their existing relationships.
Second chance at love…what went wrong the first time to make one, or both, of your characters resist the second chance they’ve been given.
Shady characters…proceed with caution, getting close may be the last relationship your character ever has.
Fear of the unknown…characters aren’t born heroes, unless you’re writing in the genre of superheroes, not all are brave and adventurous from chapter one. They may be hesitant to fall into the journey you plan for them, and so cautious becomes a character trait rather than a neon sign flashing, or taped off areas, prohibiting entry to a particular scene…
or, if crime is your genre, the taped off area may spark an idea that haunts you until you write the scene.

Be inspired by what if rather than by what

Happy Writing!

Renee Snow ❄️

Telling Dad-To-Be


In many cases this is an exciting time in your relationship, and the words flow from your mouth before your thoughts have a chance to catch up…“we’re having a baby.” Have any four words said together (besides, “will you marry me?”) ever sounded so sweet?

However, we live in the real world, and happily ever after is not always the case…

There are times where mum-to-be discovers the news after a break up, and/or when dad-to-be is adamant he doesn’t want baby-to-be AT ALL.

For those of you experiencing the latter, my heart goes out to you. It’s difficult enough dealing with the physical and hormonal changes going on within yourself, but negative external vibes sent your way adds a whole new layer of tough times ahead.

Never forget that you didn’t get yourself into this situation alone. Before the big reveal, it’s important that you build resilience, a thicker…

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Writing Prompt Wednesday

wpw 17 april


Upon her back is a tattoo, or is it a brand, or a birthmark she has no choice but to wear. Does it make her special, wanted, or feared? How might the markings upon her flesh impact the life she leads or the choices she makes?

Free your imagination. Contemplate the possibilities. And, create a story you would love to read…no doubt, there will be someone else out there who wants to read it too.

Happy writing!

Renee Snow ❄️

Throwback Thursday

the pact 1

The first book I wrote and published will always hold a special place in my heart… contemporary novel, The Pact, under the pen name Brenna Darcy

Slowly the coffin was lowered deep into the hands of the unknown. With every inch of its descent her heart shattered into tiny fragments of despair until it was no more than the spoken word of dust. The sweet melody of Celine Dion’s voice masked the sound of Flic’s cry. A breath caught in her throat, as she gulped back yet another sob.
“… ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

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Renee Snow ❄️

Writing Prompt Wednesday

WPW Angel


Pure or at threat of falling? Her fate is in your hands…

Not unlike real life, one choice determines the future. Is she a seeker, guardian, or a protector, or does her path travel the road to the damned…

Happy writing.

Renee Snow ❄️